Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Super Punch Eight of Swords

Well here she is. Above is the start to all this madness (when I say start this is the final image produced). I was asked to doodle a card for the 3rd Birthday of Super Punch and picked the Eight of Swords out of the available ones. Straight after saying yes I knew I was in trouble. My normal approach to drawing is to draw a few circles and wing it from there, but with this I had a prescription to follow.

This was one of my first pencil scamps - OK, but I thought her head looked a little too much like a lightbuld.

Another stab at the line work and she was starting to take shape.

This is the final inked line work (drawn with a 0.3 tech pen) which I scanned this in ready to add some photoshop goodness.
Her she was after a few hours of messing around in Photoshop adding lots of layers and textures. I was pretty happy with the result, but must admit felt it fell short of what I really had set out to do.

In steps Mr Uberkraaft with a slap around the face to wake me up making me see sense and add another 2-3 hours of tweaking to produce the final image (see top).

What have I learnt from this project? Well never shy away from criticism and always be willing to put in the extra work (50+ layers, scanning in paper and paint textures, resizing the main figure, re-tinting etc). If you're going to do grungy do it dirty and mess around with everything not just the edges and the background.

What do you guys think? And thanks again Mr Kraaft - looking forward to the rest of the year.

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