Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Blue Leads

I know that I said I would only post finished large pieces on this blog, but due to work and family life etc posts will be few and far between if I stick to that rule. Hope you don't mind I'm going to post a few samples sketches and also some reviews about new pens, pencils and pads etc.

The above scribble is in my large 'moleskine' type pad with my newly acquired blue pencil lead (off good old ebay). Thanks to Uberkraaft for pointing me in the direction of them.

Enjoyed drawing this one tonight as I didn't think about what I'd scribble, just plopped a few circles out and went from there. Anyway that's all for now, see you soon.


  1. That's a good one Rich ... loving those blue pencils? :)

  2. Yeah best thing ever! Thanks for the heads up :-D

  3. This is good, I can hassle you on multiple fronts ... and how comes it's 3 in the afternoon up North? I thought we were in the same timezone?! :P

  4. LOL -I'll check the settings ;-)

  5. I think (mostly) everyone loves to see the ol' sketches and work-in-progress stuff. Keep it up!


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