Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Lord Ganesha

A while back I was asked if I could draw/make an image of Lord Ganesha for a family friend for her birthday. I cracked on with the doodle and inked the line work straight away, and there he sat in my pile of scribbles and the back of my mind.

Ops, her birthday sure came around fast (next Monday to be exact). Time to grab the scanner and fire up photoshop.

The above is the first colour treatment in photoshop - but after last weeks 'Super Punch' illustration I fancied adding some dirt to him.

She loves pink (hence the background colour). I am pretty pleased with how this has come out - but will be leaving this style alone for a while now to follow up some new ideas and executions I'm itching to get my teeth in to. I'll take a photo when I get the art-print framed up.

Cheers - hope you liked the WIP.

Tweaked again with a little more texture (after a prompt from Mr Uberkraaft)

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