Tuesday, 16 March 2010



For those who know me already from other blogs/flickr/twitter thanks for dropping in and for all the new people (I'm hoping there's at least one) a big warm welcome.

Why the blog? Well like my good friend Uberkraaft I've come to a bit of a crossroads in my scribble/doodle road. I love daily sketches but also yearn to create highly finished pieces. In the past I have found myself rushing to get work out, from now on I’m going to slow it down .

Hence the reason for this blog. I'm going to use this as a forum to exhibit my best work and also document the process behind each piece. Hopefully along the way you'll find something enjoyable to read and we can exchange ideas and tips

I’m going to continue with my daily doodles, I’ve still got 290+ skulls to draw this year but post them over on the flickr stream only.

I apologize in advance for my spelling and grammer – I’ll try my best but results may vary.

Thanks again and enjoy.

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