Sunday, 21 November 2010

Thought Bubbling...

The Saturday alarm clock went off on the dot - 6:30 (I say alarm clock, I mean the excited kid). We all got up and ready pretty quickly and headed up the road to Leeds to 'Thought Bubble'.

Man it was bitter cold! And to top it off there was only a bl**dy huge line waiting to get in - who'd have thought comics could be so popular ;-)

Our main reason for the visit wasn't really to buy comics but to meet up with and to put faces to twitter bods - funny how you can chat to people for over a year and have know clue what they look like.

First on the hit list (even though I've meet 'em before) was the ever talented duo Felt Mistress (@FeltMistress) and Jon Edwards (@Jontofski) - Man, not to sound like an ass kisser but these chaps rock - they brought a long a goody bag for my daughter (If she can get it off me) it was packed with goodness so sweet my teth hurt and also an amazing 1 of a kind present (I'll leave the that for another post).

Here's some of the swag:

I also managed to get a copy of Jon's new sketchbook - if you're quick you can head over here and sort yourself one out.

After a walk around the hall we managed to find in no partculer order:

The Mooks (@themooks)
Things by Dan (WebPage)
Joe List (@mokuroku) (WebPage)
Sarah McIntyre (@jabberworks) (WebPage)
Lee Monks (@koris2k)

What a great bunch - all very chatty and having some awesome work for sale. Sorry to everyone else I meet and haven't linked, I am rubbish with names.

Some of the chaps we stopped to talk with (I know as I have flyers)
Ninja Bunny
Chicken & Chips

One of the stands even got a little helping hand from this hot chick for a while (I'm biased though) :-D

All in all a great time was had by all the hand out bag from the convention was worth the entrance fee alone - roll on next years event.


  1. looks great Rich
    Sounds like you had a great day

  2. yeah top time! you need to come up next time matey


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