Saturday, 5 June 2010

Leo Tureaud - Flute player in Colonel Windpipes band

Mr Uberkraaft and the lovely Lesley Barnes have set about amassing the worlds greatest (and strangest) magical musical marching band. To see more of their great work click here.

But to add to fun they have opened up a flickr page and allowing invited scribblers to pen some band based doodles. I was made up when I received the call and got on to putting some ideas down this morning.

Above is my pencil scribble - blue and normal pencils - love 'em.

Here he is a little more worked up - trusty 0.3 pen and my cheapo Tesco sketch pad. After I'd inked him up I got out the marker pens and finished him off.

Before drawing my octopus I did a few others - here's the only one that I was happy with ;-)

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